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The Model School scheme was launched in November 2008 in pursuance to the announcement of the Prime Minister in his Independence Day speech of 2007. The scheme aims to provide quality education to talented rural children through setting up of 6,000 model schools as benchmark of excellence at block level at the rate of one school per block.
Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan is a unique educational programme which has been designed in such a way to respond effectively to the emerging demands of our society and rapid developments that are taking place due to liberalization Privatization and Globalization. This is clearly the next step after universalizing elementary education. Universalisation of Access, Quality improvements, Equity, Institutional reforms and strengthening of resource institutions are key strategies to achieve the target of Universalizing secondary education
To promote enrolment of girl child in the age group of 14-18 at secondary stage, especially those who passed Class VIII and to encourage the secondary education of such girls, the Centrally Sponsored Scheme. National Scheme of Incentives to Girls for Secondary Education was launched in May,2008.
This is a new Centrally Sponsored Scheme launched in 2008-09 and is being implemented from 2009-10 to set up a 100-bedded Girls’ Hostel in each of 3479 Educationally Backward Blocks (EBBs) in the country. The Scheme has replaced the earlier NGO driven Scheme for construction and running of Girls’ Hostels for Students of Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools, under which assistance was provided to voluntary organisations for running Girls’ Hostels.
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