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"Department of Education, Karnataka State is organising and conducting a similar programme for Government school children at Higher Primary School and High School stages in Mathematics and Science, during 2013-14 for 6th and 9th children". For more details see SSA circulars
The impact of joyful learning on children can be possible only through individual care, child centered and activity based curriculum that can suit the multi grade /multi level situation. The academic curriculum is to be graded for individual level of learning. The curriculum has to be integrated with activities Can we make the child feel enjoy about the time spent in the school in this situation.
Education is the main source behind the social and economic development of any nation. In this context, it is evident that both male and female population needs education for the progress of the country. In this aspect educating girls is an important aspect to check female.
"Education is the fundamental right of all children" and "Universalisation of education" is meaningful only when all the children in the age group of 6-14 are in school and get education. In this context the "children with special needs", need to have different programmes to enrol and to retain.
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